You can Always Trust Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security

Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security has been in operation since 2009 and is registered with CIPC. The company is registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA)
The company is in good standing with SARS, CIPC, and the Department of Labour.   
Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security is a Level 1 BB-EEE contributor with 70% South African Male and 30% Female ownership and conducts professional security services in the Republic of South Africa. 
Tsutsuma Tsotsi is a security services provider and is registered with the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), reference number 1768212, and complies with Section 20 of the Private Security Industry Regulations Act. 56 of 2001. 
. Having been an artisan, security officer and engineering worker as well, Salathiel Lubisi (aka Salas) has always been an ambitious man. I learned a long time before that the road to making success in business is arduous and full of treachery. I have been in business – operating a consulting office in labour, pension and insurance claims – for twenty-three years. But now I am focussing mainly on security.

Founding Tsutsuma Tsotsi Security (meaning Run, Thief) in 2009 is an extension of his desire to tap from my previous work experience to start out on my own and succeed. I am doing an aggressive campaign to sell the business to the market, which includes security packages for households, commercial and industrial centers. As a member of this company I am physically challenged (Disabled); however I’m is not here to ask any donations, but to ask for an opportunity to serve by protecting you and your property. I recently upgraded my studies in advance business management at Damelin.
Though I am founder of the company, I have incorporated some female members– Mrs Lindiwe Sarah Qubuta and Mrs Jacobeth Tebogo Lubisi- who will add value through their experience in security and cleaning experience.


A certified copy of the founding statement, CK2, is attached herewith, including a certified copy of the corporation’s membership PSIRA.

Rates & Fees

Quotations can be obtained by appointment with one of the company’s consultants, who will always be willing and ready to visit the client’s premises.


TT Security (Tsutsuma Tsotsi) is currently offering security services in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Benoni(GP), & Katlehong(GP).